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EditorialProyectos Utópicos S.L
YearOctober / 2012
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Fluor #04 
Magazine on contemporary culture


(from the lat. terror).
1. Very intense fear.
2. Person or thing that produces terror.  Usage: As a young man he was the terror of the girls in the neighbourhood. 
3. Expedited method of revolutionary and counter-revolutionary justice.
4. Period during the French revolution in which this method was frequently employed. Written with capital T.



6. Inspiring or creating horror or loathing: a horror movie.

Some people think it's a fad. Others believe it can't be a mere coincidence. The Think Tank of FLUOR #4 analyzes the emergence and popularity of the horror genre in recent years. It's a phenomenon that surfaces periodically, as we see in the essays by Jorge CarriónDavid J. Skal and Andrew Tudor, at times of social stress or upheaval, as is currently the case with the international economic crisis. 

Site Specific, our carte blanche for artists who wish to develop a project specifically for our pages, is a collaborative creation by Alfonso GalvánMaría LobodaJack PiersonJulia Sínola and Juan Uslé.


-Novel. Marta Sanz and Carlos Pardo imagine fictional stories based on an enigmatic picture by the photographer Dirk Braekman: two possible stories, two vanishing points created exclusively for our magazine. 

-Survey. Sergio Rubira reviews the representations of the death of Marat during different historical periods. This iconic composition has been revisited innumerable times throughout the history of art. 

-F9. We intone Baby, I Love You along with the Ronettes and the Ramones. Marta Mantecón Moreno writes about a single song and two very different groups united by the story of an intriguing producer: Phil Spector. 

-Story. We recover 5 humorous stories by the every-surprising writer, poet and painter Alphone Allais.

-Insert. We publish the 2013 Calendar with some of the most explicit images from the history of contemporary art, because the "truck drivers of art" also have a right to live next year. There is an intelligent nude for every month of 2013.