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EXIT #58 - Minimum

Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.

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EditorialProyectos Utópicos S.L
YearMay / 2015
LanguageSpanish / English
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EXIT #58 - Minimum

EXIT#58 honours the minimal, reaserting the importance and the difference between the Little, the minimum, the fragment, the micro.

The minimal, in itself, is a contradiction. The definition of the minimal is the superlative of the little, the littlest of all, the littlest degree in size of that which we can see directly without the help of any apparatus, apart from our eye. After the minimal we could say that we cannot see anything, that functional blindness sets in. This is not to be confused with the micro, the microscopic, which in itself necessitates our reliance on an apparatus that increases the possibilities, and defines a smaller scale. In its origin micro means small, but in its current sense it refers to something even smaller than minimal, something invisible to the human eye. Photography sought it out and found it in scientific photography and, logically, the artist has rescued it to produce abstractions, to take us to the limits of perception, to the paradox of what is, but that we do not see, of what exists hidden beyond our limited perception but that is part of what we will see.

In order to see better, to understand the whole through its parts, without the need for any technology other than our intelligence and our eyes, we have invented the fragment. Everything is a fragment of something bigger. From there on we define the scale ourselves, from the smallest to the largest we will never encompass the totality. Every map, every design, every photo, every life is but a fragment of something larger. In this magazine we are simply taking a journey downward, forgetting that size can define the importance of any idea, knowing that it is the seed that contains the plant and where the fruit dwells; that it is from the little things that the big things emerge, and that, in short, they are words that bring us closer to a concept of relativity. The artists we have selected confront the idea of little, minimal, micro, miniature and detail from different places and with different purposes.

Honouring the Minimal. Rosa Olivares.

Miniature Time. Susan Stewart.

David Goldblatt, Liliana Porter, Aleydis Rispa. Ciuco Gutiérrez, Peter Fraser, David Jiménez, Timothy Prus, Pernilla Zetterman, Jochen Lemper, Claus Goedicke, Andrew B. Myers, Nicholas, Alan Cope, Uta Barth, Dan Winters, Corinne May Botz, Pertti Kekarainen.