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EXIT #62 - Fears

Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.

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EditorialProducciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.
YearMay / 2016
LanguageSpanish / English
PagesFrom 160 to 200


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EXIT #62 - Fears

Are you afraid?

There is something common to all humans. Regardless of sex, race, religion, social status, national origin or age. We all experience fear. We've all been afraid at some point. We´ll all be scared some time in the future. What differentiates us is that everyone can be afraid of different things: war, death, violence, the unknown ...

EXIT 62 addresses many of the possible fears. With the help of 30 artists from around the world we highlight page by page, picture by picture, images that wake us up at midnight, which keep us awake, what embodies the worst of our nightmares. Texts and essays written by Gerardo Montiel Klint, Francisco Serratos and Bernardo Esquinca explain where they come from, how they affect us, what are the rules of the world of terror, because we are still looking at what frightens us.

The serial killings photographed by Anna Fox and The Bloody Cherleaders, but also photographing a terror that takes place at home in Chota Diva images. Fear of the unknown with Geert Goiris or Simen Johan, those terrible children of Erwin Olaf, dolls that terrorized us in childhood, and continue to do so as adults , reviewed in Morton Bartlett´s work. But also, war. Violence, fear of losing loved ones. The names of Susan Meiselas, Carlos Spottorno, Tom Hunter or Paul Seawright among others illustrate all these fears. Madness in Hans Bellmer´s images or nameless terrors hidden in everyday life by Augustin Rebetez ...

All fears in one magazine. Be careful and, above all, do not be afraid.

Rosa Olivares, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Bernardo Esquinca, Francisco Serratos, Ana J. Revuelta.

Caroline Svensen, Sarah Whalley, Christopher M. Fraga.

Jyrki Parantainen, Susan Meiselas, Carlos Spottorno, Hans Bellmer, Eva Stenram, Anna Fox, Diva Estela Chota, Jorge Ribalta, Augustin Rebetez, Roger Ballen y The Bloody Cheerleaders

Max Aguilera Hellweg · Kathryn P. Almanas · Roger Ballen · Hans Bellmer · Morton Bartlett · Aarón Cadena Ovalle · The Sanchez Brothers · Asger Carlsen · Diva Estela Chota · Antony Crossfield · Anna Fox · Geert Goiris · Juha Arvid Helminen · Gottfried Hellwein · Tom Hunter · Simen Johan · Steven Klein · Susan Meiselas · Andrés Millán · Joseph Mills · Erwin Olaf · Jyrki Parantainen · Augustin Rebetez · Jorge Ribalta · Lele Saveri · Paul Seawright · Carlos Spottorno · Eva Stenram · Maija Tammi · The Bloody Cheerleaders.