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EXIT #37 - Architecture II - The Artist's View

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Architecture II - The Artist's View

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EditorialOlivares & Asociados SL
YearFebruary / 2010
LanguageSpanish / English
PagesFrom 160 to 200


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EXIT #37 - Architecture II - The Artist's View

EXIT #37 continues to explore the theme of architecture in contemporary photography, this time taking the point of view of photographers who are involved in the contemporary art scene. Photographers freed from the obligations of the commission allow themselves to explore, investigate, analyse, experiment, and even critique architecture through their projects, and point to what many buildings hide behind their façades.

Modern architecture was born alongside photography, and the latter is essential to the knowledge of architecture today. In fact, it seems that the ideal place for any building is a photograph. In the editorial "The Size of a Photograph", Rosa Olivares inquires into this relationship between the size and visibility of architecture in art publications.

The issue includes artists who have made a definitive contribution to the way we currently look at - and understand - architecture, from past eras to the present day.

The first of the essays is by renowned art theorist Simón Marchán Fiz (Chair of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid). Titled "The Aesthetic Perception of Architecture Through Photography" it outlines the history of architectural photography, from the catalogues of monuments from the 19th century to the present moment, passing through movements such as Pictorialism and Straight Photography.

The second, "Media as Modern Architecture", written by the prestigious architecture historian Beatriz Colomina (Professor, Princeton University, USA) analyses, using some photographs by Thomas Demand as a departure point, how modern architecture can be understood as a communications media which is built as an image through the pages of newspapers and magazines.

Four portfolio sections have been included - José Manuel Ballester, Victor Burgin, Frédéric Chaubin, and Arni Haraldsson - with some of the most interesting projects on architecture from the 20th century. Portfolios in which a text has been included where the photographers themselves write about their relationship to the buildings they portray.

Texts: Beatriz Colomina and Simón Marchán Fiz.

 José Manuel Ballester, Victor Burgin, Frédéric Chaubin, and Arni Haraldsson.

Artista: Eugène Atget, Édouard Baldus, Gabriele Basilico, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Sergio Belinchón, Jordi Bernadó, Edward Burtynsky, James Casebere, Hannah Collins, Philip Henry Delamotte, Thomas Demand, Jan Dibbets, Roland Fischer, Günther Förg, Dan Graham, Andreas Gursky, Hans Haacke, Lucien Hervé, Candida Höfer, Thomas Kellner, Jean Laurent, Lucia Moholy-Nagy, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Aitor Ortiz, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Thomas Ruff, Ed Ruscha, Sebastian Schutyser, Alison & Peter Smithson, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Frank Thiel, Bernard Tschumi, and Jeff Wall.