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EXIT #80 - Cafés, bars and nightclubs

Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.

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EXIT #80 - Cafés, bars and nightclubs

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EditorialProducciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.
YearNoviembre / 2020
LanguageSpanish / English
FormatRustic with cover


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EXIT #80 - Cafés, bars and nightclubs

Now that we can’t go to bars ... bars visit us at home! The new issue of EXIT is dedicated to Bars, cafeterias, cafés, taverns, pubs, inns, discos, nightclubs, dance halls… there are times when mere translations are not enough. Not even dictionaries can detail, catalogue and standardise alL the places around the world that offer more or less the same thing under a host of different names: a protected space, divorced from the chaos outside, where people can drink, eat, talk and maybe even dance.

In EXIT 80 we present the theme from multiple perspectives: the legendary series Café Lehmitz by Anders Petersen; the humorous and critical perspective of Martin Parr; the unique atmosphere of Indian cafes by Stuart Freedman; the rogue gaze on Mexico by Aristeo Jiménez; Andrew Miksys’ rural discotheques and Giovanna Silva’s spatial approach to the night. We also have, in this issue, different textual approaches by Alberto García-Alix, Juan José Rodríguez, Sonia Fernández Pan and Kiko Amat, all of them illustrated with the work of different photographers, from the classics to the contemporaries.

In Portfolio, the new section in which we give space to the most interesting photographers of the new generations, we present Laura C. Vela, Rhiannon Adam, Lorenzo Vitturi, Raisa Golfre and Tania Franco Klein.


Open till dawn


Kiko Amat. The place where my parents were not

Sonia Fernández Pan. Until it’s Real Again. Ready for The Darkness

Alberto García-Alix. My life at its lightest

Juan José Rodríguez. The ballad of the sad cafés


Rhiannon, Adam, Rafel Bernis Brassaï, Tilman Brembs, Laura C. Vela, Magnus Cederlund, Armando Cristeto, Robert Doisneau, William Eggleston, Tania Franco Klein, Stuart Freedman, Raisa Galofre, Alberto García-Alix Greg Giard, Aristeo Jiménez, Francesca Leonardi, Jesús Madriñán, Andrew Miksys, Martin Parr, Anders Petersen, Amir Pourmand Willy Ronis, Giovanna Silva, Lorenzo Vitturi, Sabine Weiss.