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EXIT #75 - On the road

Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.

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EXIT #75 - On the road

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EditorialProducciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.
YearAgosto / 2019
LanguageSpanish / English


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EXIT #75 - On the road

The road is not just a place of transit, but a space in itself that has always fascinated photographers, writers and contemporary artists in general. In this issue of EXIT we have featured different visions of what happens when we travel by car: from the poetic proposal of the writer Felipe Hernández Cava, the panoramic vision of Pablo López Luz, the iconic bikers of Danny Lyon, the subtlety of Catherine Opie or the fun of Matthew Porter. We also include an interview to photographer Bernard Plossu and his unmistakable images of life "on the road". But it is not only about reflecting the beauty of the road in its most aesthetic aspect, but also about bringing together other points of view that have to do with politics or with issues that question the habits of contemporary society. This is the case of the documentalist Bruno Serralongue, who captures the vestiges left behind by certain political events, or Txema Salvans, which revolves around the phenomenon of prostitution on the roads of the Mediterranean coast. In addition to this, John Rafman’s project, which questions the panoptic power of Google maps and how this affects our way of getting to know the world. Different approaches that together make something clear, as Antonio Machado said and what echoes the project of photographer Paul Gaffney: "we make the way by walking." Now we can add one more verse: we make the way by driving.


Another cup of coffee before continuing the journey. Rosa Olivares. 


Interior. Room. Circular Tracking. Felipe Hernández Cava. 

Interview to Bernard Plossu. Ana Folguera. 

ArtistsKristoffer Albrecht, Theo Baart y Cary Markerink, Martin Bogren, Antonin Borgnon, Alejandro Cartagena,  Félix Curto, Jacques Damez, Paul Gaffney, Pablo López Luz, Danny Lyon, Tatsuki Masaru, Eduardo Nave, Taiyo Onorato y Nico Krebs, Catherine Opie, Bernard Plossu, Matthew Porter, Jon Rafman, Txema Salvans, Bruno Serralongue, Eric Tabuchi, Beatrix von Conta.