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EXIT #54 - On Holiday

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On Holiday

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EditorialProyectos Utópicos S.L
YearMay / 2014
LanguageSpanish / English
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EXIT #54 - On Holiday


Tourism, leisure and travel are related to photography through the idea of memory, of overcoming the passage of time with irrefutable evidence. Holiday photography is a subgenre of documentary photography like war photography: it documents life passing by summer after summer, holiday after holiday, and journey after journey. This is true to such an extent that it might seem that the only objective of the journey, the only goal for the holidays is to return with the trophy: the photograph of the place where one has been, that new trading card for an impossible collection. Like the collector of autographs, the photographer tourist may even be more daring than the war correspondent, going to whatever extremes are necessary to obtain proof that "he was there". Leisure time, holidays par excellence, turns almost all of us into photographers.

Many are the photographers who have focused on tourism through photography. They are the sharpest chroniclers of a phenomenon that has a thousand faces. At times with brutality, not hiding the harsh social realities of the phenomenon, with irony, and occasionally with an unusual elegance, humour and honesty, photographers all around the world address a universal theme. There are no more worlds or exotic places to discover, for the exotic has been disseminated everywhere. Today the exotic is what never would have attracted attention before. Today difference blends with indifference and the only world one can discover is one's own. So the theme of all these photographers is almost always the individual. The individual and the crowd, the phenomenon of mass tourism, mass poor taste, the madness of the need to have fun in a specific time and place, quickly like everything we do these days, hurriedly.

The protagonists are people, the tourists. And the landscape is the place where that action unfolds. However, that place is a setting that is sometimes so unreal it is unquestionable. The environments are essentialized by what the tourists are seeking. In a sense they are made to measure. The result is so perfect that it cannot actually exist, for tourists no longer seek the truth but the stereotype, the artificial, what is constructed, like them.

Postcards from Abroad
. Rosa Olivares

Illuminated Monuments and other Tourist Fictions
. Estrella de Diego
A Window Open onto the World
. Manuel Viera
Photographic Tourism and Social Photography in Spain
. Alicia Fuentes
. Concha Casajús

Jacques Fournel, Romain Mader, Juan Carlos Martínez, Trish Morrissey, Rob Honstra, Martin Parr, Simon Roberts, Jules Spinatsch, and Walter Nidermayr.


Toni Amengual, Oskar Alegria, Olivo Barbieri, Sergio Belinchón, Jordi Bernadó, Francesco Jodice, Navia, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Ralf Peters, William Eugene Smith and Massimo Vitali.