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Manifiestos sobre el arte y la red. 1990-1999

Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.

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Paz Sastre. Manifiestos sobre el arte y la red. 1990-1999

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EditorialProducciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.
YearMarch / 2021


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Manifiestos sobre el arte y la red. 1990-1999

During the 90s, manifestos devoted to exploring the relationships between art and the everexpanding net abounded. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of the World Wide Web, the era of the "pioneers" of the 80s was fading and the limits of the "electronic frontier" and its future were beginning to be discussed. Artists, activists, hackers, writers, musicians, researchers, curators and theorists expressed in manifestos their political concerns and aesthetic stakes of the time, which are still relevant today. This publication brings them together for the first time in a selection populated with web links that exceeds the margins of printed paper and transforms the book into a time machine, a non-stop journey through the "cyberspace" of the 20th century.


Paz Sastre studied Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Madrid and a PhDat the Complutense University. She is currently Professor of the Department of Arts and Humanities of the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico. His research lines are located at the crossroads between art, science and technology, mobilizing resources from visual studies, critical studies and the archeology of media to analyze the phenomena linked to the Internet.


VNX Matrix, Hakim Bey, Marko Peljhan, Critical Art Ensemble, Mark Dery, ADILKNO, Mark Amerika, Luther Blissett, Roy Ascott, TechNET, StranoNetwork, Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, Morgan Garwood, AAA, Monochrom, Michael Betancourt, Vuk Cosic and Akke Wagenaar, Alexei Shulgin, Old Boys Network, Shulgin, Andreas Broeckmann, Richard Barbrook and Pit Zchultz, Geert Lovink, David Garcia, Orphan Drift, Guillermo Gómez- Peña, Francesca da Rimini, Bruce Sterling, Amy Alexander, afrika, Ben Russell, RTI, Natalia Bookchin, CAE, Randall Packer...

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