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  • Textos Inevitables

    Writing and reading are inevitable for many. The Textos Inevitables collection gathers unpublished essays that address fundamental and underrepresented themes of contemporary creation. These are texts that enrich and confront the traditional narratives of the arts. This collection offers a space where the reader can enjoy the inevitable character of writing and social and cultural critique

  • EXIT Libris

    The objective of this collection is to give readers access to the most relevant texts about current art.

    EX(it) LIBRIS presents previously unpublished works in Spanish, as well as anthologies and essays from prestigious international authors. Special attention is paid to translating essential art publications and critiques, not before available in Spanish, so that they can be read and appreciated by Spanish speaking students and enthusiasts. Another important aspect of the collection is the carefully selected compilation of discontinued and hard to access texts by specific authors or subjects, brought together under the direction of prominent experts. And finally, new unpublished works written exclusively for our collection, covering the most relevant subjects and issues of contemporary art.

    A collection of pocket books is available in an easy to use format, price and content for all  enthusiasts and experts in current art. This project aims to support the creation and dissemination of contemporary art theory through the publication of new studies, previously unpublished translations in Spanish and compilations of special interest. This initiative seeks to provide essential literature and reference books to support the study of current art.

  • Max & Rocco Libros
  • 100

    Knowledge is a vast field but breaking it down into smaller elements helps delimit the area for investigation.  In line with this premise Collection 100 is based on the study of 100 samples from each field. Within contemporary art we examine Spanish photography, European photography, current Spanish artists, Latin-American artists and international video artists. 

    Grouped publications produced by dozens of collaborators and experts who select, document and write each section, offers insight, clarity and knowledge on the latest art.

  • Otras publicaciones

    Not all publications are easily classifiable which is why we have created a section for those works that do not match perfectly within our other collections but which have contemporary art and culture at their core.

  • Proyectos de artista

    Since its beginnings, photography has been of special interest to EXIT. This is why we have published books by photographers, individual projects and also group exhibitions. These publications encompass the names and projects that are forming contemporary photography.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items