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  • EXIT

    Photography, culture and critical texts. Every three months contemporary image is reflected in EXIT, the photography magazine that talks about what we experience, feel and see.

    EXIT Image and Culture is a photography magazine that originated at the dawn of the 21st Century. Appearing for the first time in November 1999, EXIT is a thematic magazine published every quarter focusing on issues around contemporary culture through the medium of the photographic image and articles written by international specialists. Image brought together with words forms the basis of the publication, which covers thought, contemporary life and current culture.

    There is space in EXIT for all types of photography, from documentary to fashion and new and historic images from both internationally renowned and new photographers from around the world. Produced along with collaborators from different fields of expertise, the magazine shows artists from all continents and phases in the history of photography and moving image, making EXIT a reference in photographic practice and theory.

    Due to the careful editing, design and quality of its contents, since its beginnings EXIT has become a collector´s item and essential publication for aficionados, experts, students and the artists who fill the pages.

    EXIT has received the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation 2003 awards (London) for Best Photography Publication, and the Lucie Award 2015 (New York) for the best photography magazine of the year.


  • EXIT Express

    The monthly art magazine that anticipates the future, keeping you up to date with the issues and people of now and the next decade. Interviews, analysis, critique and opinion every month.

    In 2004, after various isolated issues published in conjunction with the ARCO art fair, EXIT EXPRESS appears in paper format. A contemporary art magazine printed on paper in the style of a newspaper and published on a monthly basis, excluding the summer months.

    In October 2007 with issue 30, EXIT EXPRESS changes its tabloid format to that of a more conventional cultural magazine. It continues to be a paper based magazine with sections dedicated to interviews, themed features and exhibitions, brought together in articles written by collaborators from around the world. Photography, architecture, theory, opinion and debate all related to the visual arts fill the pages of EXIT EXPRESS.

    In 2012 with more than 60 issues published and two special editions, EXIT EXPRESS leaves behind paper to become the first digital magazine devoted exclusively to contemporary art in Spanish. is the new contemporary art webpage of reference for the sector.

    In 2016 the website is redeveloped and its design updated along with a broader range of sections whose scope extends to include current affairs and issues, opinion and in-depth articles. Digital publishing does not necessarily equate to more superficial content. Our sections: Critical zone, Microessay, Voices and Opinion all offer analysis, opinion and more extensive and detailed texts, complementing the exhibitions, competitive calls, video and current news sections.

    Since 2004 EXIT EXPRESS continues to be the leading contemporary art magazine in Spanish.

  • EXIT Book

    A specialist magazine written by and for art and culture professionals, those with knowledge of art and culture and for people who read.

    In 2002 the first issue of EXIT BOOK is published, a magazine dedicated to art and visual culture books. It is the first magazine to deal exclusively with publications on art and aesthetics, encompassing analysis, interviews, critiques and essays on specialist bibliography appearing everywhere on an annual basis. Initially a yearly periodical, it would soon become biannual with one edition a year devoted to new publications and the other issue focused on a specific topic approached through studies carried out by art literature specialists. Important names from the field of philosophy, history, aesthetics… scholars, professors and theorists from around the world have appeared on its pages.

    A cult magazine targeted at an intelligent readership; the final edition in 2015 comprised all of the interviews, essays and articles about key figures and authors of the most renowned studies in the history of contemporary art. An A to Z of writers on current art, from Mieke Bal to Aby Warburg.

  • Flúor

    FLUOR is an innovative cultural publications project in the hands of artists from the design to its final content.

    In February of 2012 the first issue of FLUOR, Magazine on Contemporary Culture appeared. A project that would last for two years up until December 2014, eight issues in which the creators took the role of the critics: FLUOR is a publishing project based on freedom of creation. Specific works of featured artists invited to exhibit on the pages of the magazine, articles written about photographic images, studies on horror films, rock music etc.

    A serial story by a renowned writer brought the idea of the feuilleton back to life… texts translated into Spanish for the first time… Cultural creation in all of its aspects; free, intelligent and unique.  With a design that was equally free of rules, each article and each collaboration being different, special and original in style.

    Although firmly placed within the realm of the visual arts FLUOR is not just an art magazine but also a publication that generates synergies between different forms of language and culture: present, past and future. It is a publication that focusses on art works and the artists themselves. In FLUOR there is no art criticism or critical opinion beyond the thoughts and attitudes of the collaborators and artists featured.

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